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CSOS FAQs | Valley Wholesale Drug Company

General Questions 

What is my User ID?

  • Your User ID is always your DEA#

How do I set or reset my password?

  • When on the login page, click the ‘I Forgot’ button
  • Enter the User ID and email address associated with your account and click 'Send Instructions'
  • An email will be sent with reset instructions and a link to the change password page

How do I change the email address associated to my account?

  • Log into your Express222 account
  • Click on the 'My Info' link located to your top right
  • On the next page, locate the e-mail field
  • Enter your new email address and click 'Submit'

What do I do if I am locked out of my account?

  • Your account may be locked after repeat unsuccessful login attempts - please wait 10-15 minutes and try again

What if I already have or recently retrieved a CSOS signing certificate?

  • Please export your certificate and secure it with password when it is exported

How do I export my CSOS certificate from Internet Explorer?

What if I am not able to choose ‘Yes, export private key’ during export?

Important Notes for Certificate Retrieval

  • Use Internet Explorer to download the Certificate
  • Follow the procedure closely - write down passwords or cryptographic private keys you create in the process
  • During the process, the information bar on the top of the webpage will prompt the installation of MS Cryptographic ActiveX component - this is a requirement for the certificate private key to be retrieved

Important Notes for CSOS Signing Certificate

  • CSOS certificate expiration date or information will not be automatically updated once your pharmacy’s DEA License and/or License information is renewed or changed
  • When your DEA License expiration is reached, your digital CSOS certificate is also expired (i.e. CSOS online order cannot be placed)
  • To place CII order online, you will need a new CSOS signing certificate from the DEA website
  • Log on to DEA renewal website
  • Once you have renewed the CSOS certificate, download the new certificate and import it into your Valley CSOS program

New Users

What if I do not have a CSOS certificate?

  • Apply for a certificate on the DEA website
  • Complete the appropriate forms and mail to DEA
  • The DEA will send an email and letter with retrieval instructions 
  • The DEA CSOS Subscriber Manual is a helpful resource 

CSOS Installation Assistance

  • Contact Valley CSOS Support at 800.247.6255 to schedule remote CSOS setup
  • Remote installation should take approximately 5 to 15 minutes - user assistance is required for the remote connection to the computer, user's credential setup, system testing and and brief training on the CSOS ordering system

Existing Users

I have received a certificate renewal notice email from DEA.

  • Follow the instruction in the email to complete the renewal process 
  • A key step is replying to the email to validate your email address
  • The DEA will send an email and letter with retrieval instructions 
  • Complete the process outlined in the CSOS Certificate Retrieval instructions 

My CSOS certificate will expire soon.

  • You may receive a CSOS certificate renewal email notice from the DEA, if so, follow the instructions in the above or visit the DEA renewal website 

I already have or recently retrieved a CSOS signing certificate.

  • Typically this does not require any action on your part - the certificate should appear at the point of signing